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Physical Therapy

At our wellness center in Bonita Springs expect to be seen by Dr. Adam Guiliano, and Dr. Adam Guiliano only. Treatment will include one-on-one physical therapy that may will utilize Dr. Adam's unique specializations including manual therapy, Graston technique, and total motion release. 
Dr. Adam Guiliano can help in many areas including treatment of :
  • Neck and lower back pain 

  • Shoulder, elbow and wrist pain 

  • Hip, knee, and ankle pain 

  • ALL post operative conditions 

  • BPPV vertigo 

  • Balance deficits

  • CrossFit injuries 

  • Cardiovascular and deconditioning

Assistance in Independet, Assisted or Memory Care  Living Facility

Besides providing services for our patients at our Bonita Springs wellness center, Dr. Adam will travel to patients' homes and/ or assisted living facility throughout southwest Florida. Dr. Adam has made a great impact on many individuals battling chronic conditions or pain. Physical therapy within assisted or independent living facility includes assisting with gait patterns, treatment of muscular imbalances, injuries, or muscular deficiencies that may limit daily activities of living. 

Dr. Adam Guiliano

Phone: (239) 330-8245


Fax: (239) 236-0647


Physical Therapy


"Because of your ongoing level of care, commitment and dedication to my mom her life is rich and purposeful."

"After just two sessions with you I played the best rounds of tennis in my life!" 

"Very patient, helpful, genuinely professional, with the ability to inspire trust and rebuild confidence."

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