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Our Story 

       Founder Dr. Adam Guiliano has a passion for helping individuals in anyway possible. Dr. Adam Guiliano had been practicing physical therapy through his outpatient clinic and working with a group of individuals within assisted living facilities and their homes for the past 10 years. It was after a number of years that Dr. Adam through his time helping patients regain their strength with physical therapy that he realized the need for quality one-on-one care extending far past just physical therapy. InMotion wants to provide a service that will help you and your loved ones tremendously. We have been successful in keeping patients at a level of health, minimizing degression and in some cases improving daily function and activity. Our mission is to create a greater quality of life in all aspects, not just physical therapy. InMotion promises personal, individualized, one-on-one attention. We are confident that our service has the ability to improve quality of life tenfold. InMotion has been established to provide top-notch, compassionate, family-like care to you and your loved ones. 

Dr. Adam Guiliano

Phone: (239) 330-8245


Fax: (239) 236-0647


Physical Therapy


"Because of your ongoing level of care, commitment and dedication to my mom her life is rich and purposeful."

"After just two sessions with you I played the best rounds of tennis in my life!" 

"Very patient, helpful, genuinely professional, with the ability to inspire trust and rebuild confidence."

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