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Preventative Wellness 

Prevention is applicable to individuals of all ages. Whether you are looking to continue up with regular hobbies, or you are looking to slow the aging process, prevention is for you! It has been found to be effective in all stages of life. 
Preventative Wellness can
be utilized in two forms:
At our wellness center in Naples AND 
from the comfort of your own home. 
At our wellness center we will utilize different forms of exercise to keep you enjoying life here in southwest Florida. And we might even add some distance off that first tee! 
Preventative Wellness from the comfort of your own home! 

Besides providing services for our patients at our Naples location, Dr. Adam Guiliano will travel to patients' homes and/ or independent, assisted or memory care community throughout southwest Florida. Exercise for seniors is often one of the best forms of therapy. Improvements in strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance keep or improve independence within the facility.  Exercise today is seen as the fountain of youth for the brain, the benefits are astounding. Dr. Guiliano will create a personalized plan to ensure his patients continue to maintain the high functioning and quality lifestyle they want 

Senior Fitness

Dr. Adam Guiliano

Phone: (239) 330-8245


Fax: (239) 236-0647


Physical Therapy


"Because of your ongoing level of care, commitment and dedication to my mom her life is rich and purposeful."

"After just two sessions with you I played the best rounds of tennis in my life!" 

"Very patient, helpful, genuinely professional, with the ability to inspire trust and rebuild confidence."

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