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Dr. Adam Guiliano

Physical therapy


Dr. Adam Guiliano graduated Cum Laude from Saint Leo University with an associates degree in business administration and went on to attend the University of Central Florida where he earned his Bachelors of Science in Sports and Fitness.  He then finished his Doctorate of physical therapy at the University of St. Augustine, with a specialization in manual therapy.



Dr. Guiliano entered the Physical Therapy profession because of his love for people.  He finds himself blessed each day that he is able to help someone overcome an injury or hardship getting them back to the prior level of function so that they will be able to live and enjoy life the way it is supposed to be enjoyed.  Dr. Guiliano provides his patients with a specialized manual therapy approach to physical therapy.  In addition to machine strengthening, Dr. Guiliano utilizes the use of his hands to manipulate joints to correct functional impairments and provide soft tissue massage to decrease the tone of muscles to decrease pain and improve his patients physical function.


Each day Dr. Guiliano strives to serve his patients with the latest techniques and treatments utilizing his manual skills to aid in their recovery.  His patients describe him as, "very patient, helpful, genuinely professional, inspires trust and challenges, rebuilds confidence providing a positive experience."  


Dr. Guiliano is excited to be serving the South West Florida community.


Dr. Adam Guiliano

Phone: (239) 330-8245


Fax: (239) 236-0647


Physical Therapy


"Because of your ongoing level of care, commitment and dedication to my mom her life is rich and purposeful."

"After just two sessions with you I played the best rounds of tennis in my life!" 

"Very patient, helpful, genuinely professional, with the ability to inspire trust and rebuild confidence."

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